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Class Descriptions

Ballet (ages 4 & up)

A classical form of dance focusing on proper body alignment and fluid movement.  Barre, center floor, and across the floor progressions are all used to develop proper ballet technique.  Ballet is the foundation upon which most dance forms are based.


Dance Preview (ages 2 - 4)

Our unique preschool program created specifically for Simply Dance.  This engaging program helps your tiny dancer learn age appropriate dance steps and proper terminology in a creative, lively and fun setting.  Dance Preview classes are 45 minutes and focus on tap and creative movement.  During class your dancer will be introduced to Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Tumbling.  These dance basics will provide an excellent foundation as they grow.  

Gymnastics (ages 4-10)

Will help your child develop strength, flexibility, momentum, and stability.  Your child will learn different techniques, stretches, and exercises.

Hip Hop (ages 5 & up)

This popular, energetic form of dance allows dancers to perform with freedom of movement, adding in their own personalities.  This class is inspired by today's latest music and hippest trends in dance.  Age appropriate hip hop music and movement is used for each class.

Jazz (ages 4 & up)

This fun class combines upbeat, stylized movement with proper technique.  Jazz dance is based on ballet principles with each class consisting of  a warm-up isolated movements, across the floor progressions, and current choreography all set to age appropriate music.

Lyrical (ages 9 & up)

An expressive form of dance that incorporates a fusion of many dance styles.  Many times, this style tells a story through choreography and dance phrases inspired by the lyrics of the song being used.  Dancers are encouraged to explore their emotions and movement through improvisation.  A strong ballet and jazz foundation enhances the quality of movement.

Tap (ages 4 & up)

One of the most traditional forms of dance using special shoes to create different rhythms, sounds & patterns.  Tap is great for developing musicality and coordination skills.

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